Naan Breads

Garlic and Coriander with a Hint of Lime
A tasty twist on a traditional recipe. Made with sourdough, these naan breads deliver a mild garlic taste, intertwined with a tangy hit and a zesty bite for a flavour explosion. Perfect as a side with a homemade curry.
Plain Naan made with Sourdough
Our premium plain naan is the latest addition to our range and is sure to be a family favourite. Bubbly and fluffy, our Baked Earth plain naan with sourdough and kalonji seeds will liven up any meal time.
Garlic and Coriander Naan Bread
Available in small and large, our traditional Garlic and Coriander naan breads are our best seller! Made using a secret family recipe for almost 40 years, this flavoursome naan is perfect with a traditional curry.
Plain Naan Bread
Baked in our bespoke ovens, this is one of our best selling products. Made with kalonji seeds for an extra flavour, choose from small or large as the ideal addition to your curry night.
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